I started this blog to tell you about my adventures on the roads of the US West coast, as I was on exchange in Canada near Vancouver (in Victoria to be more precise) during the 2015 Spring semester ! But you might have guessed that my desire to travel is not limited to one region in the United States (as great as it can be !). There are so many parts of the world I would like to see… ! Everything is not possible in the upcoming time, but anyway, here is a small (absolutely tiny) selection of what I would really like to do. And before I can fly to those amazing destinations, I am checking out travel blogs and/or to find some inspiration 🙂

Iceland road tripClearly, it was not the first destination on my list still a few weeks ago… But seeing people going there and coming back with stunning pictures and amazing stories, it surely makes you wanna go (and convince you in the end that spending a Summer grilling on the beach by 40 degrees is overrated). So when is that road trip happening ? Especially with those stopover flights looking amazing…

Norway road tripAs for Iceland, this destination was inspired by many blogs, and a Norwegian friend who is never over sending amazing Snapchats (#Eirik) : I think it then deserves a nice journey going through the Lofoten, Geirangerfjord, Stavanger,  Bergen and all of those great places. Only think missing is learning Norwegian guys ! (Well, I guess we will have to work quite hard on that part, just saying)

The Netherlands road tripA less unknown destination as I discovered Maastricht last year and I went back to Amsterdam for New Year’s Eve… But this country has so much to offer, I really want to go back sometime ! I might end up in Belgium soon, so it might happen that this wish is going to become a reality quickly. And I count on my favorite Dutchie (aka Ijkie) to guide me through the land of Stroopwafels.

Sweden road tripEven if I would like very much to dissiper the whole country  (maybe during a combined road with Norway ?), it is mostly Stockholm that I am attracted to ! A friend of mine did her exchange there and it looked really nice, so why not plan a weekend there from France in the nearby future, to be meditated on guys.

Estonia TallinnHere, I definitely have to admit that I placed this country because Tallinn seems like a very nice city to visit ! I am not even really sure to know what’s to see in the rest of the country (can you help ?) but I have heard only good things about the capital city so I want to take a trip to discover it. It should deserve a nice weekend !

Croatia DubrovnikAaaah some sun and heat ! (Well high now there is actually a heat wave in Norway while the Seine is bursting its banks…) Anyway,  how do you feel about visiting Croatia on your side ? I stumbled upon great pictures of Dubrovnik recently, and honestly, it is really appealing (especially as a Game of Thrones fan) !

Australia road tripIt is decide, we are going to the other side of the planet ! Australia is a country that always fascinated me, I was quite disappointed when I got the affectation of my exchange (and still, it was awesoooome), so I absolutely want to go there one day. But I actually hope to stay there for a VERY long road trip across the country : a WHV might happen one day, who knows ?

Bali road tripAs we are not that far now… Why don’t we head for Bali ? Just the name itself makes you dream ! I was captivated by Hawaii in the sense that it was way more than what clichés let you think… And I think it is the same for Bali, do you confirm ? The island has some surprises in store, for a  vacation with both farniente and outdoor activities. Well, when  should we leave ?

United States road tripIt might surprise you… But the United States are definitely on my short list ! Yeah, we only did a tiny part so there is still so much to see. And even on the West coast, we could go back 10 times to complete our journey… I cannot wait for my next trip to the United States ! And my fingers are crossed to go back with my favorite travel buddies some time soon !

And goes the end of my list, it was really small, right ? I have decided to limit myself to 9 (although I do not really like odd numbers) for now and there might be some changes in the upcoming time : if I am really fond of a new destination or simply if I decide to plan a trip to get one off of the list !

What about you, what are the destinations you are into at the moment ?

Updated in June 2016