Why wanting to leave for an experience abroad ?

19 March 2018
Pourquoi partir vivre à l'étranger ?

TRAVELING. It’s the theme of most of the posts on my Instagram feed, the topic of numerous conversations with friends, colleagues or family, it’s what I have in mind when I find myself dreaming for a moment. Traveling of course, but also living abroad : whether it’s an experience during one’s studies or a desire for a longer expatriation, the idea comes up here and there. On my side, I went through experiences abroad, some longer than others, including 3 months in Berlin, Germany, and 5 months in Victoria, Canada. But THE upcoming experience will be my Canadian adventure, starting from September 2018 on. I’m moving to the other side of the Atlantic with a WHV (Working Holiday Visa) to take my chance over there. But why wanting to leave for an experience abroad ?

A consuming urge to discover the world !

Once you’ve started to travel, even for short trips or destinations close to home, it’s hard to get off this consuming urge to discover the world that surrounds us ! There is a term in English that we don’t really have in French, a term that perfectly reflets that, the famoso travel bug. It explains quite well that once you have been stung… it’s impossible to refuse opportunities to travel the world ! Leaving to explore lands away from home, outside from your comfort zone, it’s opening up your mind to new landscapes, new cultures, new perspectives. It often starts with close locations, but this desire to learn and discover does not stop at the borders of a country ! Once you’ve tasted the joys of traveling, it’s too hard to do without it and it makes you want to go check out numerous places to see what’s up, find the ones you like the most, and maybe the ones that will make you miss your home country. What’s crazy about it is that the longer the newly discovered destinations list is… the longer the wish list gets. Isn’t it amazing to think that we do have this possibility to take a chance anywhere in the world ?

Is it saying goodbye to France ?

Of course not. At least in my opinion, as others might not be as confident in their answer to this question ! Numerous medias, in articles or documentaires that I’ve seen, explain that our generation is a bit “France sick”. That probably makes no sense to foreigners, but they seem to observe that young French people have a hard time navigating in their own country, that they are sometimes disgusted with some situations (unemployment, etc.) – and that this is what drives them to go somewhere else. It’s definitely not my feeling, nor the reason that makes me want to live abroad !

We always think that the grass is greener elsewhere… but is that actually true ? I just think that it might be easier to look at what’s going wrong in a system that we know in deeper details. And on the other side, it’s obvious that we let ourselves be seduced by the good sides of a remote system. When we don’t feel at ease in a situation, or at a specific place, it is definitely easy to envy another country, or at least what we know of it through medias, friends or the internet. Nowadays, it’s possible to go check out this theory in a heartbeat… or almost as fast ! It’s just easy to go on with this desire, to move across the world. I think that, either way, it’s good to live this experience; whether it means that we find what we’re looking for, or that we realize what we’ve been “missing out” on by leaving.

I am not running away from France, I simply want to get my experience abroad to discover new thingsand it might happen that it will be to appreciate my home country even more ! From abroad, we might realize that our social gains were not that bad (even though anyone who has lived in France would definitely call out social security for late repayments, slowness in editing Vitale cards, etc.). We might even think that we miss French food (cheese is life, that’s an understatement), that French is a beautiful language (for the one who knows how to twist it). We might definitely realize that France is our culture, and that this is not something that can or will be erased. So yes, it may seem crazy, but it is not because I leave that I am denying my home country forever and ever. On the contrary.

What do you think about all that ? Do you feel the same coming form other countries ? 🙂

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