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A few rules to get started on how to drive in the US

9 February 2016

After reading my article on the choice of the transportation mode, you may have opted for renting a van or a car (and I approve !). It is time now to get behind the wheel, here are some pieces of advice regarding the driving during your road trip on the US West coast. Well, if you have your driver’s licence, we will consider that you can drive (although the reality can be quite different… but that is not the point of this article haha). The highway code is very similar to…

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Transport road trip ouest américain

One crucial step : choosing the transportation mode for a road trip !

So, we are not going to bit around the bush, obviously, one of the essential element to make your US West Coast road trip amazing will be the choice of the appropriate transportation mode – after selecting the perfect fellow travelers of course ! And when I say appropriate, I…

7 November 2015
Usa formalities

USA : Formalities to take care of before leaving !

Before leaving for a great adventure, you have to go through that… What are the formalities to (legally) enter the US ? I will mostly talk about my point of view as a European and French person in this article. We used to go from a country…

7 October 2015