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San Francisco #2 : Lombard Street, the cable car and Victorian houses

4 February 2016
San Francisco downtown

After our first stop in San Francisco, we are going on with our road trip in California following a stop in Napa Valley ! Back to SF, we enjoyed an additional half a day to discover the city a bit more. Given the fact that we did not have that much time, we chose to go downtown for a small tour in the late afternoon. I think my only regret for the whole trip is actually not to have had enough time in San Francisco. Altogether we…

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Alcatraz road trip California
Cities National parks

Alcatraz : the escape-proof island in San Francisco bay

Who has never heard of Alcatraz ? You probably know the island thanks to the (in)famous criminals who were detained in its high-security prison, like Al Capone for example… But did you know that this small island in San Francisco bay has several stories ? Today, you can visit and discover some of the…

28 October 2015