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The campgrounds guide for a road trip on the US West Coast !

24 May 2016
Tips campgrounds road trip

The time has finaaaaaaally come, I am going to unveil the list of campgrounds we stayed at during our road trip on the US West coast ! Yay ! I will start by giving you some tips usable for all campgrounds, so you would know what to expect going on your trip, and then give you access to the ones we spent the night at. We honestly had no bad surprises, but some are better than others of course… And usually…

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Hygiene road trip

Hygiene and road trip : yes, it is compatible !

This article is absolutely serious ! haha I had thought about writing you something about hygiene when on a road trip already, and it is a small talk on another blog that made me think again about this idea. I was reading an article on Black&Wood about campaign in…

29 March 2016

A few rules to get started on how to drive in the US

After reading my article on the choice of the transportation mode, you may have opted for renting a van or a car (and I approve !). It is time now to get behind the wheel, here are some pieces of advice regarding the driving during your road trip on the US…

9 February 2016