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Lake Tahoe : here they come and away they go…

5 June 2016
Lac Tahoe road trip

Lake Tahoe, we had a first missed date… Your definitely were on our list for the first part of the road trip on the US West coast, but we could not make the detour in the end, because we lacked time. What a shame ! But we did not want to give up entirely, and because the weather was not that good on the coast… It was the perfect occasion to come see you – well, more like convincing the guys to let us come…

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Visit Las Vegas by day

Las Vegas : delusions of grandeur in South Nevada

I will have to admit that, on paper, I am not really attracted to such bling-bling destinations like Las Vegas (especially compared to beautiful national parks or more authentic cities)… But it is really a must-do during your road trip on the US West coast ! We will cross the…

9 March 2016