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Second halt in Yosemite : a park keeping all its promises

7 August 2016
Yosemite road trip

We probably cannot go more pompous than the title of this article… Mais l’information essentielle reste que nous sommes retournés dans le parc national de Yosemite peu après notre premier passage ! Lors des deux premières semaines, nous avons vraiment fait un concentré de l’Ouest américain, en nous rendant sur les sites les plus connus et incontournables. Pour la seconde partie (lorsque Marijke et moi-même avons rejoint Eirik et Antwan), nous n’avions établi au-cun planning et voulions simplement profiter de cette…

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Lac Tahoe road trip
National parks

Lake Tahoe : here they come and away they go…

Lake Tahoe, we had a first missed date… Your definitely were on our list for the first part of the road trip on the US West coast, but we could not make the detour in the end, because we lacked time. What a shame ! But we did…

5 June 2016
Antelope Canyon road trip
National parks

Antelope Canyon : the magic of a natural phenomenon

I know a few of you were waiting for this article with great impatiente. It is true that when you see pictures from Antelope Canyon, we have a hard time believing this place is actually for real considering how surrealist it looks ! But it is real,…

3 April 2016
Grand Canyon road trip
National parks

Grand Canyon : do not trust any picture you may see !

Yes, please, do not trust any picture you may have seen from Grand Canyon… Because nothing is comparable to the beauty of this place when you are actually in front of it ! Honestly, I had heard a lot about it and had the chance to see the place on the…

22 March 2016
Death Valley
National parks

Heat, dryness and breathtaking landscapes : welcome to Death Valley

And we are going on with our Californian road trip, after Yosemite, San Francisco or even the Pacific Coast Highway, we are now retreating inland and going to the gigantic Mojave desert… in Death Valley National Park ! If the name might ring a bell, only a very few of you will actually know more about…

23 February 2016