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Express detour through Monument Valley : a sunset and a wild horse

20 April 2016
Monument Valley road trip

This article is going to have a special taste… First of all, we are going to another American state, Utah, and discovering (quickly you will see) Monument Valley ! Like Antelope Canyon, it is a park located on a Navajo area. But beyond that point, it is also the last stage of our girl road trip… In fact, Karolin was leaving for Germany way before Marijke and me, and the three of us closed up this journey in Monument Valley. Bittersweet memory of this stop then, but it…

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Antelope Canyon road trip
National parks

Antelope Canyon : the magic of a natural phenomenon

I know a few of you were waiting for this article with great impatiente. It is true that when you see pictures from Antelope Canyon, we have a hard time believing this place is actually for real considering how surrealist it looks ! But it is real,…

3 April 2016
Grand Canyon road trip
National parks

Grand Canyon : do not trust any picture you may see !

Yes, please, do not trust any picture you may have seen from Grand Canyon… Because nothing is comparable to the beauty of this place when you are actually in front of it ! Honestly, I had heard a lot about it and had the chance to see the place on the…

22 March 2016