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1 July 2016
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When I see that the last article (about Lake Tahoe, it is worth reading believe me !) was posted on June 5th… Only one word, or more like only one onomatopoeia comes to my mind : Aaaaaaaaaaaah ! In the end, I do not even know what is the most confusing… That time is flying by so quickly and I cannot realize it is already July 1st (the sun is barely coming out in Paris this morning…); or that I stopped writing about this amazing road trip on the US West coast that goes back to more than a year ago now. Anyway, please have a seat, what about having a cup of coffee or tea (as you wish, I am not forcing anyone) to catch up a bit ? Go, go, go !

» 21 years after…

21 years ago, I was starting kindergarten… Far from knowing that I was signing for all that time of school benches (how innocent is a 3-year old child !). But yeah, it is already over ! It actually goes by quite quickly, once again, time is so subjective… These last few weeks spent as a student (well technically I still have some extra time this Summer, thank you for the student discount) were VERY VERY busy. Between my internship and thesis, hard to find the time to take care of the blog unfortunately. But here we are, it is over, I only have to pass one little thing to officially graduate from my master degree but it is more or less settled already. Hard to imagine that I will not be going back to school (or not for a little while) ! It is exciting, but it is also a bit scary to dive in the unknown of the professional life that is starting. Next step ? Retirement. But we are not there yet, as you can imagine. How did you feel when you finished your studies ?

» A(nother) fresh start !

Because good news never comes alone, the real info is that I am leaving Paris (yay !) to go work… in Belgium ! I hope you were not expecting an exotic destination far from France, it is the land of beer, fries and mussels that I will settled in (never-ending clichés) ! I am staying in the same company as my end-of-studies internship (only 4 days leeeeeft #sadness), I was very flattered and happy to be offered this nice opportunity ! Apart from the work aspect, it is not necessarily the destination I was hoping for, but in the end, I cannot wait to discover more and make some weekend trips here and there in Belgium, the Netherlands, etc (yes, already thinking about moving…). Do not hesitate if you have any suggestions, I will be located in Tournai/Doornik ! I am going there this weekend to leave all my stuff, and I will come back on Belgian land mid-July. I will tell you more quickly ! I am right in the middle of packing, nothing is ready but everything is fiiiine

» So, what about the blog then ?

Let’s get back to business, what is next for this blog ? No worries, I am far from being done with it firstly because I have not finished telling you about the road trip in the US yet (next article will be about our second trip to Yosemite, to be continued !) and also because I wanna add new destinations after this, what do you think about that ? Well of course, I need to find some time this Summer to write my articles, select my pictures, remember our little itineraries. But it will come ! And in the meantime, I have created a destinations wishlist, do you like it ? What are the countries or places that you wanna visit at the moment ? On my side I hope to cross some of my wishes from the list while I am in Belgium !

Cheers !

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