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Going off to explore the capital city of California : Sacramento !

25 May 2016
Sacramento road trip

Yeah, before our road trip on the US West coast, we did our homework and learned by heart the list of the 50 US states and their respective capital cities (well, that was more Marijke’s favorite activity). And that is how we remembered that the capital city of California was not San Francisco, nor Los Angeles, but Sacramento of course ! Sure, the fans of the TV show The Mentalist and/or Simon Baker (one going with the other) would not have forgotten this piece of…

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Los Angeles road trip

Back to the city : welcome to Los Angeles !

We landed in Los Angeles (LA to friends) starting our road trip on the US West Coast, but saw from the city only a motel, a Wal-Mart and the parking lot of the Escape agency where we picked up our van. It deserved a follow-up…

26 April 2016
Visit Las Vegas by day

Las Vegas : delusions of grandeur in South Nevada

I will have to admit that, on paper, I am not really attracted to such bling-bling destinations like Las Vegas (especially compared to beautiful national parks or more authentic cities)… But it is really a must-do during your road trip on the US West coast ! We will cross the…

9 March 2016
Napa Valley California

Vineyards for as far as the eye can see in Napa Valley

After a detour through Yosemite, and then San Francisco… We are once again changing the setting completely and going to visit Napa Valley ! One more time (and I will not stop saying that), this step shows how rich and varied California is. It is actually one of the things that surprised…

19 January 2016
Alcatraz road trip California
Cities National parks

Alcatraz : the escape-proof island in San Francisco bay

Who has never heard of Alcatraz ? You probably know the island thanks to the (in)famous criminals who were detained in its high-security prison, like Al Capone for example… But did you know that this small island in San Francisco bay has several stories ? Today, you can visit and discover some of the…

28 October 2015