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No news is good news !

1 July 2016
blog road trip ouest américain

When I see that the last article (about Lake Tahoe, it is worth reading believe me !) was posted on June 5th… Only one word, or more like only one onomatopoeia comes to my mind : Aaaaaaaaaaaah ! In the end, I do not even know what is the most confusing… That time is flying by so quickly and I cannot realize it is already July 1st (the sun is barely coming out in Paris this morning…); or that I stopped writing about this amazing road trip on…

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Road trip come back

Coming back from a road trip, what happens a year after ?

Opening a new article. Blank page. Killer question. Few moments to mediate. And here we go… Few days ago, Facebook nicely reminded me that it was now a year ago that I left for this amazing road on the US West coast. Yes, on April 20th 2015, I…

2 May 2016
Reasons to leave for a road trip

7 reasons why you should leave for a road trip RIGHT NOW !

What do think about a more personal article this time ? Well, personal is a big word, but I noticed that until now the articles were very factual – I simply try to give you a good overview on what we did and what you could do on the…

15 March 2016