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Napa Valley California

Vineyards for as far as the eye can see in Napa Valley

After a detour through Yosemite, and then San Francisco… We are once again changing the setting completely and going to visit Napa Valley ! One more time (and I will not stop saying that), this step shows how rich and varied California is. It is actually one of the things that surprised…

19 January 2016

Thanksgiving in the US : getting together around a nice meal

In the United States, October is dedicated to Halloween, and November to… Thanksgiving ! If you watch some American TV shows for example, you surely have heard about this celebration, numerous episodes are dedicated to this holiday around this period. You probably know a few Thanksgiving tractions in the…

25 November 2015
Transport road trip ouest américain

One crucial step : choosing the transportation mode for a road trip !

So, we are not going to bit around the bush, obviously, one of the essential element to make your US West Coast road trip amazing will be the choice of the appropriate transportation mode – after selecting the perfect fellow travelers of course ! And when I say appropriate, I…

7 November 2015
Halloween Etats-Unis

Halloween in the United States : clichés and traditions

Bouh ! After a detour through Alcatraz, we come now to Halloween. (We therefore stay approximatively in the same topic, right ?) You probably already know this holiday and you may have gone trick or treating when you were younger. In France (and most of the European countries except Great Britain…

30 October 2015
Alcatraz road trip California
Cities National parks

Alcatraz : the escape-proof island in San Francisco bay

Who has never heard of Alcatraz ? You probably know the island thanks to the (in)famous criminals who were detained in its high-security prison, like Al Capone for example… But did you know that this small island in San Francisco bay has several stories ? Today, you can visit and discover some of the…

28 October 2015
Usa formalities

USA : Formalities to take care of before leaving !

Before leaving for a great adventure, you have to go through that… What are the formalities to (legally) enter the US ? I will mostly talk about my point of view as a European and French person in this article. We used to go from a country…

7 October 2015