Estelle Marx

» HI THERE ! You may wonder who I am… ? Here are some answers for you !

» My name is Estelle, I am (almost) 23 and currently living in Paris, no need to introduce this city. I  just wrapped up my last semester of master’s degree in a business school in Toulouse and I am now doing an internship in digital marketing (working life coming soon, yay). I have always liked to travel, first with my parents and later on with friends. I have traveled mostly throughout Europe and the surrounding areas. Few of my most memorable trips of the past few years were in ITALY (3-week road trip in a camper van across northern Italy), MAROCCO (1-week trek in the desert + Marrakesh), TURKEY (1 week in Istanbul) and of course a few CITY TRIPS IN EUROPE (Berlin, Barcelona, London, Paris, Amsterdam…).

» This love of traveling pushed me a year ago to apply for a semester abroad during my gap year… That is something I had always wanted to do, so I seized the opportunity right away. After taking my exams, passing my TOEFL, and a super long wait, I got the result in July : I would spend my 2015 Spring semester in… VICTORIA, BC, CANADA ! And I have to admit that even though yes, I put it myself (no pressure from anyone I swear !) on my choice list – I knew nothing about that city before getting there… FIY if you also have not heard of it : it is on Vancouver island, on the West coast of Canada (also just above Seattle). Despite the lack of prior knowledge, it turned out to be one the most amazing experience of my life so far – if not the best ! I came back after 5 months spent on the other side of the globe with a heavy heart for leaving but also the best memories. First, I MET WONDERFUL PEOPLE with whom I talked so long, laughed so hard and shared so special moments. And secondly, I GOT TO DISCOVER AMAZING PLACES that I had never been to : Victoria of course, but also Tofino, Seattle, Hawaii – without forgetting the most amazing road trip in the camper-van across the US West Coast. (And for those wondering, I was also attending classes, discovering the functioning of a Canadian university  !)

» This road trip experience was really one-of-kind, as any travel experience ! And I am really so happy to share it with you through this blog : pictures, anecdotes, travel diary, tips… I cannot wait to write more about all this ! I hope you will find what you are looking for here, no matter if it is just for the pleasure to read and discover, or to gather information to organize your own trip… Do not hesitate to contact me with the contact form below or by writing a comment if you have questions about me, about the trip or grey areas after reading the articles – I would be happy to answer to you and provide you with the best answer I can (in French or in English, as you prefer) !

» Cheers guys !

Twenty years from now you will more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. › Mark Twain

» I am also apologizing in advance for any spelling or grammar mistake you may find in the articles… I will definitely try my best to write properly, but English is not my mother tongue so it is not impossible you will find typos reading this blog ! I hope that altogether you will still be able to understand what I am talking about – as my exchange friends managed for 5 months 🙂 (Also, I am eager to learn and correct my mistakes so do not hesitate to send me a quick email if you find anything wrong regarding this matter !)

» Credits to Eirik© for the picture

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